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"My Family loved your brisket so much that my son made me promise I'd come back for more..... I think you've made a customer for life!"


"It was the best Smoked Salmon I've ever had!!"

— Beth, Victoria, BC


"We gave this local Smokehouse a try today and let me tell you, it didn't disappoint.=. The flavors were amazing and the food was incredibly tasty. The smoked salmon was a favorite over all. It was exceptional! We will repeat over and over again. Thanks for the amazing food Colin!

4 of us confirm 5 out of 5 !!"

— Dave, Victoria, BC


"Tried some Gouda and chicken and salmon the other day and had to go back to grab more. WOW! Absolutely phenomenal. Incredible texture, flavor and we're totally hooked."

— Alycia, Victoria, BC


"...You're Ribs May even be better than Jones's"

Jake, Victoria, BC

Sean, Victoria BC



We have currently closed our Public pick up while we are in the process of constructing a VIHA approved facility!!


Should you wish to request a product, feel free to contact us by phone, text or email.


We also provide catering for Weddings and events on Vancouver Island with options of our current products or we can discuss options that fit your needs.

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Our Happy Clients

"Add a testimonial that a happy customer or client has said about working with you."

Amanda Johns, COO, HORIZON

Our Local Partners

My name is Alexa Young

Heathen Smokehouse is proud to highlight our new partner Emily Broste.


Emily has over 15 years of experience in her profession as a health care professional and is a well educated, talented and professional RMT (registered Massage Therapist). Emily has specialized in areas such as sports and prenatal therapy.  Emily owns her own practice in the Cowichan Bay area and is taking on new clients.


For more information text or call her directly at (604) 328-7118

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Available now

Roasting SpIT RENTAL,Easy DIY or catered whole SUCKLING pig  for any small gathering or large event.

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The definition of “Heathen” originated in Germanic languages and has been associated with the church who would condemn a person or nation that does not subscribe to a mainstream religion. The word “Heathen” can be interchanged with the word “Pagan”, though the two come from different cultures. In actuality, “Heathens” work to build healthy relationships with their Gods, ancestors, land, and their communities and in this case, food. The Vikings were considered “Heathens” due to their belief in many Gods such as Odin, God of war and thunder (Wuoden or Wednesday) and many other mythic characters.

The modern idea of “Heathens” are usually depicted as savages, and with these fine meat and cheese products, that’s exactly what we want as a consumer……Savages.

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Some things you should know


Yes absolutely! We are happy to work with you and can create catering options such as full 10-15lb briskets for any event, as well as gift packages. Contact us today to create your customized package. Contact us my phone, email or by members chat on our website for questions and pricing regarding Pig roasts and spit rentals.


Other than for commercial sales, we are currently only local pick up or you can purchase products and buy our products at the Victoria Public Market on Douglas and Herald St. If you are ordering special orders delivery can be arranged.

We understand that food safety is a priority and take all measures possible to ensure you receive a quality and safe product. Some our policies include:

  • Following all BC VIHA food safe policies.

  • Ensure a clean prepping surrounding environment and smoking equipment to avoid cross contamination.

  • Safe and clean handling and packaging of our products.

  • Products are Vacuum sealed and refrigerated immediately for freshness with 4mm heavy duty BPA free vacuum bags and ready for Sous-Vide heating.

  • Product inventory is rotated in order to ensure the freshest product is delivered to you.

  • Shipped items will be frozen pre-shipping, and will be shipped with a cooling pack to ensure freshness upon arrival.

  • We highly suggest placing sealed packages either in the refrigerator or freezer immediately upon receipt to ensure freshness and longevity of our products.

  • Should you have any food allergies, please contact us to discuss how we can accommodate you.


Although we believe our products are spectacular on their own, we have a few suggestions for you to make your tasting experience incredible.

  1. Since our products are made fresh, some extra time in the package is recommended to allow the flavors to marinade upon receiving.

  2. Allow all products to come room temperature before serving. In some cases, such as the Montreal Smoked Meat, would be even better if warmed.

  3. If serving the product at room temperature, for best results, allow products to aerate for half an hour before serving.

  4. If you simply can't wait, feel free to indulge your senses and devour the product like a HEATHEN!